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The purpose of the not-for-profit Aesthetic Realism Foundation is to meet the urgent need for people throughout America and the world to see each other and reality fairly. The means to that fairness is Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded in 1941 by Eli Siegel, American poet, critic, and educator.

Located in SoHo, NYC, the foundation is a center for culture and kindness. It offers classes in the visual arts, poetry, music, anthropology, and more. There are public seminars, individual consultations, workshops for teachers, and thrilling dramatic and musical events. People of all ages understand themselves newly through the principles of Aesthetic Realism.

Aesthetic Realism Blog
Steven Weiner, Computer Specialist and Aesthetic Realism associate, writes:

Why are people suspicious of each other—even people who are very close to each other, who feel they love each other? How can we feel we deserve to be trusted in the deepest sense? What makes us distrust ourselves? Is there a criterion for trust—a criterion that holds true whatever the circumstances? These big questions, so important in our lives, are answered—beautifully—in “How Can People Trust Each Other?,” the current issue of The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known.

Aesthetic Realism Annoiuncement

REGISTRATION for the Fall semester of classes is taking place between Monday, Aug 29 and Friday, Sep 9, 2016. Study Poetry, Music, Art, Education, Acting, Singing, Anthropology, Flim Studies & more—For information, click here.

Read what consultant Nancy Huntting writes about the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, America, and her own life—

“Aesthetic Realism explains two huge things that have been seen as inexplicable: what makes for beauty, and what makes for cruelty…. [Because it does] not only can the things most tormenting humanity be understood and end, but people can have in their everyday lives a pride, happiness, kindness, and excitement they didn’t think were possible. That is what happened to me.” more

Hear Aesthetic Realism consultant Devorah Tarrow speak on art & self: “Can We Have Pleasure and Self-Respect at Once? Picasso’s ’Two Women Running on the Beach.”’ —A powerful video illustrating Eli Siegel’s great Principle of Opposites!