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The purpose of the not-for-profit Aesthetic Realism Foundation is to meet the urgent need for people throughout America and the world to see each other and reality fairly. The means to that fairness is Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded in 1941 by Eli Siegel, American poet, critic, and educator.

Located in SoHo, NYC, the foundation is a center for culture and kindness. It offers classes in the visual arts, poetry, music, anthropology, and more. There are public seminars, individual consultations, workshops for teachers, and thrilling dramatic and musical events. People of all ages understand themselves newly through the principles of Aesthetic Realism.

Aesthetic Realism Blog
Kevin Fennell, performer with the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company and technology trainer, says:

Reading this poem by Eli Siegel for the first time, I was amazed. I thought, “Someone is describing the very despair that I felt and never could have put into words—describing it with such style, depth and humor!" This poem made me feel I was related to other people...

Aesthetic Realism Annoiuncement

REGISTRATION for the Spring-Summer semester of classes is taking place between Apr. 27 and May 8, 2015. Study Poetry, Music, Art, Education, Acting, Singing, Anthropology, Flim Studies & more—For information, click here.

Read a letter by essayist Ruth Oron, of Israel and New York, who writes with courage and honesty. For instance, she says:

“Studying Aesthetic Realism is the greatest thing that happened to me—it made my life happy and rich with meaning. In this letter I’m going to say some things about my life, because what I learned brings together the individual self—which each of us is—and a very big international matter. The fact that Aesthetic Realism explains both, is vivid evidence that it is what people and civilization itself are looking for.” more