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On the first Thursday of every month Aesthetic Realism Consultants and Associates present public seminars. Representative subjects include: “Real Communication in Marriage—How Can We Have It?”; “What’s the Difference between Wowing People & Liking Yourself?”; “Kindness: Is It Strong ?”; “The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Succeeds: Knowledge Wins, Prejudice Loses!”

Upcoming Seminars:

Thursday, July 7, 2016 ♦ 6:30 PM

A Man’s Urgent Question: How Can I Be Both Critical and Kind?

In social life, around the dinner table, in offices, people are mixed up about criticism and kindness—and the mix-up is a cause of great pain.

Consultant Dale Laurin and associates Len Bernstein and Alan Shapiro will show: not only can criticism and kindness be together—they have to be if we’re to like ourselves! Yet without the knowledge of Aesthetic Realism, people haven’t known how to make those opposites one.

The speakers will describe vividly what they’ve learned—with instances from their own lives and from men in history and the arts. And they’ll tell about the thrilling oneness of criticism and kindness that takes place in Aesthetic Realism consultations, in which men and women learn to see themselves exactly, and change as they most hope to!

Contri. $10

Thursday, August 4, 2016 ♦ 6:30 PM

Modern, Smart, & Yet Unsure: The Drama in Women about
Confidence & Uncertainty

Speakers: Sally Ross, Marion Fennell, Devorah Tarrow

Contri. $10

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