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On the first Thursday of every month Aesthetic Realism Consultants and Associates present public seminars. Representative subjects include: “Real Communication in Marriage—How Can We Have It?”; “What’s the Difference between Wowing People & Liking Yourself?”; “Kindness: Is It Strong ?”; “The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Succeeds: Knowledge Wins, Prejudice Loses!”

Upcoming Seminars:
Thursday, August 4, 2016 ♦ 6:30 PM

Modern, Smart, & Yet Unsure: The Drama in Women about
Confidence & Uncertainty

What does it mean to be truly confident? What mistakes do contemporary women—and men too—make about confidence, mistakes that actually have them feel less confident, more unsure of themselves? That’s what Aesthetic Realism consultant Devorah Tarrow, and associates Sally Ross and Marion Fennell will explain at this thrilling seminar.

As they speak about their own lives, and about women in world culture, they’ll illustrate these two tremendous facts, which Eli Siegel was the philosopher to see and make clear:  1) Fundamental to our real confidence or lack of it is our purpose. Is it to respect the world and people, or have contempt for them?  2) Sureness and unsureness, certainty and self-questioning, are aesthetic opposites, made one in all true art; and we are trying to put them together beautifully in ourselves.

You’ll learn too about the great education that takes place in Aesthetic Realism consultations: education that enables people to have the true self-confidence they so much hope for!

Contri. $10

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