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On the first Thursday of every month Aesthetic Realism Consultants and Associates present public seminars. Representative subjects include: “Real Communication in Marriage—How Can We Have It?”; “What’s the Difference between Wowing People & Liking Yourself?”; “Kindness: Is It Strong ?”; “The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Succeeds: Knowledge Wins, Prejudice Loses!”

Upcoming Seminars:

Thursday, October 6, 2016 ♦ 6:30 PM

How Can a Woman Be Sure of Herself in Love?

Women are often terrifically unsure of themselves as they think about love—and they don’t understand why. Aesthetic Realism consultants Margot Carpenter, Carol Driscoll, and Devorah Tarrow—the trio The Three Persons—will speak about the one purpose in being close to someone which will make a woman truly sure of herself! It is this, described mightily by Eli Siegel: “The purpose of love is to feel closely one with things as a whole.”
With instances from their own lives and women in history and film, the speakerswill explain how going after an opposing purpose—to use another person to glorify oneself and have contempt for the world—is the great cause of unsureness in love. And you’ll hear, too, about what women today are learning in Aesthetic Realism consultations, enabling them to be increasingly sure of themselves in love, and in their whole lives!

Contri. $10

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Thursday, November 10, 2016 ♦ 6:30 PM

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Brings Out a Student’s Ability to Learn!

Speakers: Barbara McClung (elementary science, PS 184 M), Patricia Martone (ESL, PS 134M), Christopher Balchin (social studies, NYC HS, retired), Rosemary Plumstead (science, NYC HS, retired, & current teacher educator), Arnold Perey, PhD (instructor, The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method)

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Contri. $10

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