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Aesthetic Realism


Pioneering dramatic and musical presentations take place at the Foundation, and elsewhere as part of the Foundation’s Outreach Program. These productions—a new dramatic form with performance and comment—include Ibsen, Bach, &—What Interferes with Love!; Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Opposites, & Our Greatest Hopes!Absurdity in a Dukedom; or, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and more.

Upcoming Special Event: 

SUNDAY    DECEMBER 18, 2016    2:30 PM

An Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company Production

What Good Will Really Is!

Featuring a great 1972 lecture by Eli Siegel—

There Are Power & Christmas
On Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

And—  Holiday Songs with Vivid Comment

And—  Myra Kelly’s moving story of 1904
“A Christmas Present for a Lady”

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Contri. $15.