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Aesthetic Realism


These exciting evenings are a completely new combination of education and entertainment! You’ll learn about the biggest matters in your own life through wonderful talks that Eli Siegel gave—on love and the visual arts, economics and comedy, and so much more. Here are just a few titles: “Jane Eyre; or, This Girl Had Good Will,” “Humor and Strangeness,” “Sculpture: Weight as Lightness,” “Ownership, Strikes, Unions,” and “Poetry and Love.”

You’ll also hear authorities in their fields—including musicians, painters, architects—present vivid examples of how the opposites that are together in the arts explain people’s most immediate questions. And in the dramatic reenactments of the lessons Mr. Siegel gave, you’ll hear an unprecedented understanding of people’s feelings—our hopes and fears. These lessons are the basis of the consultations that take place now.

Upcoming Dramatic Presentation—

SATURDAY  ♦  NOVEMBER 19, 2016  ♦  8 PM

What Is Our Deepest Desire?

Susan Glaspell’s Suppressed Desires; or, Freud Is Piffle
Of this one-act comedy of 1915, Eli Siegel said:

“This play is a merry refutation of Freud. What are the desires we’re really suppressing?…There is one suppressed desire in Iowa and in all the other states in the Union: the desire to know oneself. That’s the big suppressed desire.”

Do You Have a Good Disposition?
Reenactment of an Aesthetic Realism Lesson

“According to Aesthetic Realism, the next best thing to having a good disposition is to study your bad one.”—Eli Siegel

Pride and Humility in Piero della Francesca’s Queen of Sheba
By painter Dorothy Koppelman

piero-della-francesca-legend-of-the-true-cross-head-of-the-queen“Every line of the contour of her head has a glowing message: if you want to respect the world outside of you, you will be better able to put together the opposites of high and low, pride and humility.”

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Featured image: Piero della Francesca, “Legend of the True Cross,” left panel, (detail)

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Note: There will not be a Dramatic Presentation on Saturday, December 17, because there’s a Special Event on Sunday, December 18, 2016 at 2:30 PM: “What Good Will Really Is!”featuring a great 1972 lecture by Eli Siegel,“There Are Power & Christmas” on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol; Holiday Songs with Vivid Comment; and Myra Kelly’s moving story of 1904, “A Christmas Present for a Lady.”