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Aesthetic Realism


These links will take you to information about persons and ideas important in the fields of art, education, social justice, and more.


Barbara Allen, flutist
Edward Green, composer
Haroldo Mauro Jr., pianist, composer
Alan Shapiro, jazz pianist


Imagery Film, Ltd.
The Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company
Anne Fielding, Director, Aesthetic Realism Theatre Co.
Bennett Cooperman, actor


Leila Rosen, Educator
Rosemary Plumstead, Educator
Lori Colavito, Educator
Dr. Arnold Perey, Anthropologist, educator


Alliance of Ethics & Art
Unions Matter!, a blog
Housing: A Basic Human Right
Timothy Lynch, President, Teamsters Local 1205
Alice Bernstein, journalist, Civil Rights
Ken Kimmelman, social justice films

VISUAL ARTS, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture

Will Barnet, painter
William Behnken, printmaker
Juan Bernal
, painter & photographer
William Clutz, painter
Jeremy Comins, sculptor
Allan D’Arcangelo, printmaker
Donita Ellison, sculptor
Su Li Hung, artist & printmaker
Nancy Huntting, Terrain Gallery Coordinator
Chaim Koppelman, artist & printmaker

Dorothy Koppelman, painter, founder Terrain Gallery
Harold Krisel, architect & printmaker
George Ortman, artist
Peter Passuntino, painter
Alan Petrulis, artist & printmaker
Stephen Poleskie, artist, founder Chiron Press
Marcia Rackow, artist, educator
Richard Sloat, artist & printmaker
Selina Trieff, painter

VISUAL ARTS, Photography

Len Bernstein
Allan Michael
Harvey Spears
Dan McClung
Vincent DiPietro
Mary Fagan

David Bernstein
Louis Dienes
Amy Dienes
Adam Isler
David M. Grossman


Museums of the World
Beauty of NYC,
articles, photographs, poems
Sheldon Kranz (1919-1980), writer, poet, educator
Lynette Abel, Aesthetic Realism & Life
Michael Palmer, Writer & Aesthetic Realism Associate
Friends of Aesthetic Realism—Countering the Lies
Google Knol on Aesthetic Realism by Arnold Perey, Ph.D.
Google Knol on Eli Siegel by Edward Green, Ph.D.
U.S. Congressional Record, Honoring Eli Siegel, by Rep. Elijah E. Cummings

Featured image: Sonia Delaunay: “Automne” (detail), color lithograph, Andre Zarre Gallery