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In consultations, a person’s individual life questions are understood and explained through the principles of Aesthetic Realism. People find that the matters which confuse them most are made sense of at last, with cultural width, immediacy, and satisfying logic.Margot Carpenter, Aesthetic Realism consultant to women

A consultation is a 50-minute discussion with three Consultants on the Foundation’s faculty. Consultations take place in person at the Foundation or via telephone or Skype throughout America and abroad.

The article by Margot Carpenter—“What Happens in an Aesthetic Realism Consultation?”—describes this education, and gives instances of it.

Below you can read about some ways consultations have benefited people’s lives greatly.

Nancy Huntting, Aesthetic Realism consultant to womenFirst Aesthetic Realism Consultation
of Nancy Huntting

As a young woman of 27, I began, really, to understand myself through Aesthetic Realism consultations—and to see men and women much more deeply and accurately, including my parents. The questions I was asked show a knowledge of humanity, literature, and art so respectful of the depths, possibilities, hopes all people have. …more

Dr. Jaime Torres, Aesthetic Realism associate Dr. Jaime Torres: “Coldness, Warmth, & Mistakes”

The way I shuttled from warmth to coldness caused me and others confusion and pain. Sometimes I would act as though a person I’d just met was destined to be the best friend I’d ever had. At other times I would avoid someone on the street whom I actually knew quite well….more

Lauren Phillips: “What Kind of Effect on Men?”

Lauren Phillips, Teacher and Aesthetic Realism associate

Early in my study of Aesthetic Realism, at a time when I was not hopeful about love, I was asked in a consultation, “Do you want a man to feel, ‘The mind of Lauren Phillips does me good’?” I was surprised; and the answer was yes. But for most of my life before that, it was not the accuracy of my mind I depended on with men….more

Richita Anderson: “My Aesthetic Realism Consultations”Richita Anderson, Aesthetic Realism associate and consultations coordinator

When I asked to have consultations, I did so because I knew that in Aesthetic Realism there was knowledge that was new, was kind, and had a logic far beyond anything I had met before, either in college or in the extensive reading I had done. Aesthetic Realism explained a hope I didn’t even know I had….more

Dan McClungDan McClung: “The Fight about Excitement”

I remember the excitement I felt at age 6 or 7 waking up at 5 am to begin our vacation trip, driving from our home in southwestern Kansas to my grandparents’ home….But also around age 7, I began to make it clear that certain things didn’t get me too excited. In a recent conversation, my mother spoke of how, to her surprise, I was never excited about going to the fields with my father to ride on the tractors….more

Miriam Weiss: “The Trouble with Competition”Miriam Weiss, writer, translator, and Aesthetic Realism associate

At age 17, just beginning college, and finding myself unable to sleep and very nervous, I tried to get consolation from the fact that other people were not doing well. I wrote in my journal: “They don’t seem much more connected than I.” But I felt something was terribly wrong with this….more



In person: $50
By phone: $45 (plus phone charge)

To learn more and to register for consultations, you can call the Consultations Office at 212.777.4490.

Monday – Wednesday, & Friday 12-7 pm

Thursday 12 – 6 pm    Saturday  10 am  – 4 pm