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In this exciting class women learn the basis for a kind, successful marriage—and it is the most romantic and practical thing for a wife to know: “The purpose of marriage is to like the world,” Eli Siegel explained definitively. He also identified the thing that hurts, even ruins married life: it is that “people have tried to love in a way that would mean less like for the world—in fact, a contempt for it.”

Taught by There Are Wives: Consultants Barbara Allen, Anne Fielding, Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman

Upcoming classes:

 Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 11 AM

A Wife’s First Family & Her Husband—How Can She Be Fair to Both?

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 Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 11 AM

To Be Adored or to Appreciate Rightly—Which Is Success for a Wife?”

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FACULTY BIOS: Anne FieldingBarbara Allen

Monthly Class (no advance registration needed) 2nd Saturday each month, 11 AM – 12:30 PM Fee: $10.

Through studying the opposites of contempt and respect in the history of marriage and in their own lives including yesterday’s incident at the breakfast table — wives learn how to use marriage and a husband to like the world. There is class discussion of such subjects as:

♦ Real Trust in Marriage—How Can We Have It?

♦ Is Understanding Your Husband Exciting?

♦ How Can a Wife Feel Proud about Sex?

♦ First Cupid, Then Quarrels—What’s the Cause?

Women say–

Claudia Senatore, Nurse Practitioner“I had a lot of confusion and trouble in love. This class changed the direction of my life and taught me how to be successful caring for a man. I learned that a man is related to the whole world! I’m proud and grateful to be married to my dear husband and to be celebrating our 11th anniversary.” —Claudia Senatore, Nurse Practitioner

Monique Michael, teacher

“I learned what true love is and it has made me feel integrated as a wife, teacher, daughter, and friend. I now really talk to my husband–and am really able to listen. Our conversations are now exciting! Not only do I love my husband more, but I care more for other people and the world itself. This class makes love possible and permanent.”  —Monique Michael, Teacher

Lori Colavito, teacher

“After a failed marriage, I was able to learn about the mistakes I made in love. As a result, when my second husband and I exchanged marriage vows, it was one of the proudest days of my life because I knew I was getting married for the right reason! Six years later, our marriage is flourishing.”  —Lori Colavito, Teacher

image of Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman & Bennett Cooperman for Aesthetic Realism Foundation class, 'Understanding Marriage!'

“It enables women to see and criticize the very thing in us that’s against love–the contemptuous desire to use a man against the world and other people, as a refuge from them. Every time I leave that class I have more feeling for my husband, and a larger desire to know him. It’s true romance!” —Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman, Executive Assistant

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