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Aesthetic Realism


Taught by Anne Fielding

The basis of this workshop is in the following explanation by Eli Siegel: “According to Aesthetic Realism, acting shows that you don’t have to be fettered to yourself. You can be other people….Acting is a certain way of taking the contraries of the world. It is a way of being somebody else for the purpose of coming back home immediately. You take a trip in order to find out who you are.” Students take part in improvisations and prepare scenes and monologues from contemporary and classical drama, including works by O’Neill, Pinter, O’Casey, Shakespeare, Sheridan, Molière.

Ms. Fielding is Director of the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company. See Faculty Bio.

Fall 2016 Semester

Among the subjects being studied this semester are: “Acting Is Knowing and Feeling;” “The Actor Makes the Most of Rapport; or, Sameness and Difference;” “Acting: the Art of Seeing a Person from Within,” “Acting Shows People Are Real,” and “Acting Shows You Can Be Other People—While Still Being Yourself!”


The Fall semester of classes is now in session. For information about auditing classes, call the Registrar at 212.777.4490.

Dates of Classes: See Calendar 

Alternate Mondays, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Beginning date of this class: Mon, Sep 12

Fee: $60 per semester (7 classes)

Fee for auditing a class: $12


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